China has already announced the eradication of poverty. Thus, they decided to transform the Fund for fight against poverty into the Fund for rural areas renewal, declared Mikhail Malkov, Coordinator of FAO development programs in Ukraine, within Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa-2021 on May 26.

“The eradication of poverty allows China to focus on the development of domestic food markets and internal consumption. The Fund for rural areas renewal will get 156 bln Yuan in 2021”, – he said.

M.Malkov pointed out that China gave the food security and the improvement of grain yield a top priority.

“They are aiming for minimization of food import dependence, primary grain import. It will affect the supply chains of grain products on the world market. Moreover, the country pays high attention to development of seeds market as well”, – the speaker informed.

Besides, China is aiming for climate neutrality by 2060.